LOGBOOK: Bahamas, discover why the pirates (and tourists) invaded this place

Girl created inside, I always felt an incredible attraction to the sea and its mysteries. No wonder my favorite movies were always those who told stories and adventures in the brackish waters with pirate ships, documentaries and even stories about boats, fishing and the like. Loved So when the opportunity arose to visit the Caribbean and the Bahamas and meet all of your history permeated with amazing and intriguing legends and curiosities around the famous robbers of the seas. I managed to log into my travel notebook my impressions of the place, its culture, influence, and unforgettable crystal blue Caribbean Sea. Print now share with you the reader.

With its 700 islands and cays, the Bahamas are the most popular vacation destination in the Caribbean. The thrill of deep sea fishing, diving with sharks, swim with dolphins, enjoy the casinos, relaxing in a swim-up bar, explore the islands by boat, or simply relax on the beach under the sun (not forgetting the sunscreen, of course!) is a must. Being alone or with others, vacation, business or honeymoon, whatever the reason, it pays to know this beautiful Caribbean country.

A little history and geography
In 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World on San Salvador Island in the east of the Bahamas. After observing the shallow sea around the islands, he said "baja mar" (shallow sea), and effectively named the area The Bahamas, or Shallow Sea Islands. Bahamas (Nassau capital) is a Caribbean country, situated between the Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast, and the Caribbean Sea to the southwest. The territories are closer to the British colony of Turks and Caicos, the United States, Cuba and Haiti.

The largest island of the Bahamas is the Island of Andros, in the west of the archipelago. The New Providence Island, east of Andros, where is located the capital, Nassau, and where he lives about two thirds of the entire population of the country. Other important islands are Grand Bahama to Inagua in the North and the South Most islands - coral formations - are relatively flat, with some hills and low rounded, the highest of which is Mount Alvernia, on Cat Island, with 63 m altitude. The local climate is tropical, moderated by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, with frequent hurricanes and tropical storms between May and October, hence avoiding visits to this period. The official language is English, but the majority of the population speaks Creole Bahamian, of English origin.

Culture and external influences
The Bahamian culture is a hybrid of African, European and indigenous. Its most famous manifestation abroad may be a rhythmic form of music called Junkanoo African roots. Other samples of the influence of Africa are the Johnny cake (corn cake) and songs in churches. The British presence can be felt through the steering of the car, the uniforms of the Royal Bahamian Police Force and the changing of the guard ceremony at Government House in the Bahamas and its strength is due to the discovery of the Port of Nassau in 1600, when the population was composed of religious, farmers and pirates and the declaration in 1718 as crown colony when former privateer Woodes Rogers was appointed royal Governor, expelling pirates and restoring order in place.

The records indicate that Nassau the years 1600 to 1700 the pirates used the site as a base of operation there all the legends that have formed around them, along with the documented historical facts. Who ever heard of the great pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) who became known worldwide for its violence and unpredictable acts?

There was also the famous pirate Calico Jack sailed around Paradaise Island. They say it was he who created the symbol consisting of a skull and crossbones, which later became the famous pirate flag. Calico Jack was known for his "affair" with Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the only known female pirates.

Other stories you may find visiting the Bahamas, shall we?

5 things to do 1 more in the Bahamas

Ardastra Gardens: Zoo opened in 1937 by botanist Jamaican Hedley Edwards who created the March of the Flamingos, the most famous island tradition for over 50 years, appears twice a day a hit among tourists of all ages and nationalities.

Chubasco Charters: The boats of the Bahamas are considered the best fishing boats in the world. This mode is called "Sport FIeshing" offers good opportunity for those who want to get a fish great.

Cove's Dive: As the name implies, are diving in caves. There are options for all levels of courage, the most radical is promoted by Stuart Cove. You go down to 15 meters deep in a sort of aquatic bike where his head is covered and dry (of course), is much like a bubble. The "bubble" or dome is big enough for your head and your hands up. This also means that you breathe normally without the need of using snorkel tubes or regulators, as you would if you were diving. Downstairs you will envision coral reefs, colorful fish, but many sharks. They are fed in front by an employee of Stuart. Faces?

Atlantis Hotel: Tip is a must to stay or visit the Atlantis Hotel. Very considering Aquatic Disneyland! Yes, the place is awesome. A huge hotel, with thousands of water attractions in an atmosphere very astral. In this wonderful complex of Atlantis, there is an endless array of pleasures to be explored, starting with the visit to gigantic aquariums showing thousands of different species of fish, crustaceans, molluscs playing a real scenario of ancient lost city. It's worth watching the videos with activities. http://www.atlantis.com/

Swimming With Dolphins: This program takes place on Blue Lagoon Island, where you can have the amazing sensation of swimming with the dolphins are amazing creatures and special. The island is paradise, the sea is a deep blue crystal clear. The Dolphins are trained to hug you, kiss you, dance and swim with you, you driving at a speed of Jet SkY. Unmissable and unforgettable.

BIFF - Bahamas International Film Festival:
This is for lovers of the 7th art! The BFF is now in its 8th edition, and its mission, since its inception in 2004, creating an artistic and cultural community among countries to attract tourism oriented film industry. Much weight artist has passed by BIFF, as comoHeather Graham, Johnny Depp, Alan Arkin, Sir Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Laurence Fishburne, Roger Corman, Daryl Hannah, Sophie Okonedo, Anna Faris, Naomie Harris, Zoe Kravitz among others. Have been more than 600 films in 8 years festival. It is worth giving a film festival in a place that looks more like a scene so beautiful and perfect.

Christ Church Cathedral:
(interior and spectacular stained glass ditto), pass by the buildings rose from Parliament Square, goes the old jail (now library) and ends at the residence of the governor general. The essence of Caribbean and English still remains wedded to British habits. Two bridges, for example, joined the Nassau Paradise Island. In Nassau, it is interesting to see the colorful markets of Bay Street, the duty free shops and hairstyles for women.

The cruise usually dock in Freeport, Grand Bahama, because not only the beaches but also the International Bazaar. International Bazaar is a gigantic mall, theme, divided into sections with products from different parts of the world and priced very inviting.

Another attraction is the wide avenues and walk out in Port Lacaya. It has everything there: extraordinary hotels, casinos, and best, bars pertinhos of charming marinas and yacht club. The gorgeous internal channel that separates the island from the region also makes Freeport a place worth included in the script.

At Mount Alvernia, the highest point of Cat Island, there is a monastery all in stone. Cat Island is also the place where the natives practice Obeah, a magic ritual. Even today many American couples seeking a place to "absorb" some of the magic spot.

Little Bahamas Banks: is the right spot for those looking for shallow, with a calm sea and visibility absurd. It is also a fun place. Just take a boat and go towards the region of dolphins. It is almost impossible to determine the number of these cetaceans are very, swim freely and not be scared of anything. On some days, the colony is even greater. Anyway, there will always be friendly dolphins. Can you swim alongside them, interact, and play.

Andros - It is there the oldest dive resort in the archipelago, the Small Hope Bay Lodge. Is there that are the most extensive coral reefs in the world and the 50 "blue holes." Indispensable even for those who do not practice scuba diving. If you love snorkeling, fishing, or just admire a beautiful landscape, be sure to visit.

There is an almost dizzying variety of hotels and accommodations on all islands. From ultra-luxury rental homes on private islands and full service, all-inclusive resorts to cheap rooms at a local bed and breakfast. Compare accommodation and decide which fits your needs the most.

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