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Castelo de Kidwelly, (Kidwelly Castle) - País de Gales

O Castelo de Kidwelly foi construido em 1.200, e está localizado na cidade de Kidwelly, no Condado de Carmarthenshire, no País de Gales, com vistas para o Rio Gwendraeth.
Kidwelly Castle, Wales, País De Gales Castelo Kidwelly: pesquise hotéis nos arredores

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Tenby is a walled seaside town in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, on the west side of Carmarthen Bay.

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Wales - Tenby, Pembrokeshire - April 2010

Tenby & Saundersfoot

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TODAY: Modern Tenby provides many attractions and activities for both local residents and out of season tourists to enjoy.

The old town castle walls still survive, as does the Victorian revival architecture, which has been retained and maintained, often in a high-light orientated pastel colour scheme, making the town more French Riviera-esque in nature and feel.

The economy is still highly based around tourism, supported by the provision of a range of craft, art and local goods stores, which has been created by a thriving artist community.

With its strategic position on the far west coast of the British Isles, and a natural sheltered harbour from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, Tenby was a natural settlement point.

The blue lines show where the walls round Tenby were most likely placed, the red lines mark the wall sections that are still standing

The earliest reference to a settlement at Tenby is in Etmic Dinbych, a poem probably of 9th century date, preserved in the 14th century Book of Taliesin. At this point the settlement was probably a hill fort, the mercantile nature of the settlement possibly developing under Hiberno-Norse influence.

After the Norman Conquest, the lands came under the control of the Earls of Pembroke, who strengthened the easy to defend but hard to attack hill fort on Castle Hill, by building the first stone walled castle.. Wikipedia