Boldt Castle, Heart Island, New York State, USA

Boldt Castle, Heart Island, New York State, USA

Boldt Castle, located on Heart Island (New York) in the Thousand Islands of the Saint Lawrence River, along the northern border of New York State, is a major landmark and tourist attraction in its region. Heart Island is part of the Town of Alexandria, in Jefferson County.
Boldt Castle, Heart Island, New York State, USA

Thousand Islands Aerial Tour of Boldt Castle

09/2013 - Boldt Castle Adventure 2013
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George Boldt, general manager of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City and manager of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, and his family enjoyed an earlier frame cottage on Heart Island (the original island's name) for several summers, which they greatly expanded. In 1900, the Boldts launched an ambitious construction campaign to build a huge masonry structure, one of the largest private homes in America. They engaged the architectural firm G. W. & W. D. Hewitt and hundreds of workers for a six-story "castle", a major international landmark. In addition, four other masonry structures on the island are architecturally notable. Equally distinctive is a huge yacht house on a neighboring island where the Boldts had another summer home and a vast estate, incorporating farms, canals, a golf course, tennis courts, stables, and a polo field.

Boldt Castle - 1000 Islands Tour

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The current estate
Today, Boldt Castle is accessible by ferry or by tour boat from Alexandria Bay; Gananoque, Ontario; Rockport, Ontario; and Ivy Lea, Ontario; and most of the grounds and buildings can be explored by the public for a fee.

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Most of the rooms on the first floor and many of the rooms on the second floor of Boldt Castle are furnished as of 2011, but mostly with modern pieces. The basement is mostly unfinished, with a pool, bowling lanes, many compartments, and a long passage to the Power House. Most of the rooms from the second floor to the top floor have been left unfurnished, but there are exhibits in some of these rooms and hallways showing.. Wikipedia

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