Adare Manor - castle and Hotel and Golf Resort, Adare, Ireland


Adare Manor is a 19th-century manor house located on the banks of the River Maigue in the village of Adare, County Limerick, Ireland, the former seat of the Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl, now a luxury resort hotel - the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort.
Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort, Ireland

Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort, Ireland

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The Quins, whose ancestors were Chiefs of the Clan Hy Ifearnan, gave their name to Inchiquin and also became Earls of Dunraven, and were one of the rare families of true Gaelic origin in the Irish peerage. Thady Quin (born 1645), who settled in Adare, was the ancestor of Valentine Quin who, between 1720 and 1730, built the first Quin manor at Adare by the River Maigue.

He was the grandfather of Valentine Richard Quin (1752–1824), 1st Earl of Dunraven. Windham Henry (1782–1850) married an heiress from Wales, Valentine Richard Quin, MP for Killmallock (1799–1800), who was created a Baronet of Great Britain in 1781 and was raised to the peerage in 1800 as Baron Adare. He was advanced to a Viscountcy in 1816 as Viscount Mount Earl and became Viscount Adare and the first Earl of Dunraven and Mount-earl on 5 February 1822. He had presumably chosen the title of ‘Dunraven’ in honour of his daughter-in-law, Caroline Wyndham, who had married his eldest son in 1810. His earldom lasted only two years and in 1824 his son, Windham Henry Quin, became the 2nd Earl of Dunraven and Mount-earl. The family name had officially become Wyndham-Quin in 1815. Gout prevented him from following the gentlemanly pursuits of fishing and shooting.

The Adare Golf Club, an 18-hole championship course designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr., was added to the resort in 1995, and was the venue for the Irish Open in 2007 and 2008.

The Adare Manor Golf Club, which was established in 1900, is not part of the Adare Manor Resort. Wikipedia...

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