O lago de Annecy (em francês: Lac d'Annecy) é um lago da Alta Saboia, no leste de França. É famoso por ser um dos lagos mais limpos do mundo. É o segundo maior lago de França, depois do Lago de Bourget.

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Formou-se há cerca de 18.000 anos, durante o degelo dos grandes glaciares alpinos. É alimentado por vários pequenos rios, nascidos nas montanhas próximas e por uma potente fonte submarina, o rio Boubioz, que nasce a 82 m de profundidade.


Está rodeado a leste pelo Maciço de Bornes e a oeste pelo Maciço de Bauges, a norte pela cidade de Annecy e a sul por um amplo vale.

O lago eflui a sua água pelo rio Thiou e pelo canal de Vassé, que se unem e alimentam o rio Fier, a 1.500 m a norte de Annecy, que finalmente se une ao rio Ródano.

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É um lugar turístico muito atractivo, conhecido pelas suas actividades náuticas e pela rica biodiversidade. Wikipedia

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Castle Duurstede is a medieval castle in Wijk bij Duurstede in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Duurstede Castle

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The castle originated in the 13th century. Around 1270, Zweder I van Zuylen van Abcoude built a freestanding keep on a raised and moated site near the lost city Dorestad. Until the beginning of the 15th century Duurstede Castle was in possession by the Van Zuylen van Abcoude family, until they were forced to sell it to the bishops of Utrecht in 1449

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Bishop David of Burgundy, who reigned from 1459 to 1496, completely rebuilt the castle. The old donjon was enclosed by new buildings. The still intact burgundian tower was also built around this time. His successors Frederick IV of Baden and Philip of Burgundy also used the castle as their residence, and Philip of Burgundy embellished the castle with renaissance features. Philip of Burgundy settled at Duurstede Castle when he became bishop of Utrecht in 1517. He was accompanied by his court painter Mabuse (Jan Gossaert), who helped to decorate the new palace of his master. At Philip's death, in 1524, Mabuse designed and erected his tomb in the church of Wijk bij Duurstede. After Philip's death, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor confiscated all territorial possessions of the bishopric of Utrecht, including Duurstede Castle.

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In 1580, as a result of the Dutch Revolt, the castle fell into the hands of the States of Utrecht. The states, however, invested their money into building modern fortification around Wijk bij Duurstede, and as a result the castle fell into neglect. Further damage was done when French troops devastated Wijk by Duurstede in 1672, after which the townspeople used stone from the castle to rebuild their homes.

In 1852 the town council became owner of the castle and turned the surrounding fortifications into a park. Until 1925 the castle could only be reached by a little ferry. Wikipedia

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Duurstede Castle
Molen Rijn en Lek, Wijk bij Duurstede
Kasteel Duurstede